Young People’s Department

The YPD offers a targeted ministry for our young people. Through this ministry we can mentor our young people and teach them the ways of Christ while making room for the wealth of innovation, talents and skills that help to develop our ministry into a beacon of light in the community. Often our young people assist in the Food Pantry as well as other ministries in order to acquire the transferred skills of our adult mentors.

Tragically, many of our young people are introduced to life changing events at very early ages. Our youth are under an increasing threat of violence, promiscuity, gangs, prison and technology that excludes our youth from employment if they are without education. In our Young People’s Department we encourage and support our young people make choices that will position them to receive God’s blessings and manage God’s resources. Some of our youth will grow in leadership, some will grow in Music, Drama, or Spoken Word. All have inherent gifts that we will facilitate at Canaan AME Church to develop and display for greater positive impact within the lives of our young people.

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Jordan Henderson - Spoken Word

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