Ministry Teams

  Canaan AME’s Food Pantry is led by Lynn Miller and feeds over 200 families per week and over 3000 people per month. Canaan has been serving Maywood and at least 4 of the surrounding suburbs through this devastating economy. Helping people to deal with the essentials of life are an integral part of meeting people at the point of their needs. There is nothing too hard for God and we are confident that God will continue to position us to feed people Spiritually, physically, emotionally, and socially.


 Joyce Welton
  The Music Ministry - Headed by Jerry C. King is essential in ushering in the spirit of The Lord to each and every service. You can expect to be greeted by a vibrant and anointed style of powerful worship and praise every time you come to Canaan AME Church. With a mixture of Praise Teams, Choir Members and Musicians our Music Ministry prepares the heart of people for the Word of God. Often the turbulent trials of life leave us hungry for God to calm the turbulent seas or to present a trumpet blast of praise for your Spiritual Breakthrough. Jerry’s extensive service as a minister of music has given him a rounded scope of traditional, contemporary, gospel and hymns to develop the spiritual awareness, praise and worship in this ministry so that each service presents a sweet sound unto the Lord and an inspiring song to the congregation.


 Bro. John Rice

  Canaan AME Church’s Ministry of Visitation has been most recently headed by Rev. Barbara Brown for the last year. On the other hand, visiting the sick as well as members and relatives that are in the hospital has been a vital ministry at Canaan AME Church for over 6 years. We aim to bring encouragement and intercessory prayer for those that have been challenged with sickness, tragedy, or just the paralyzing effects of the unexpected events of life. Working in conjunction with our Prayer Ministry, we do our very best to let people know that they are not alone on this journey and that hope still lives.

  Sarah Allen Missionary Society - The Sarah Allen Women’s Missionary Society was named for Sarah Bass Allen, the first Missionary of the AME Church. She is also the second wife of Bishop Richard Allen, who is the founder of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. Canaan AME Church’s branch of this historical group is an integral part of the greater ministry supporting ministries - women’s shelter, women in prison, and their families, They contribute to the McDonald’s house, and the health and welfare of people locally and abroad in third world countries such as Africa.

  The Service League - One of the most sacred and sensitive areas of any community church is in the area of end of life transitions and bereavement arrangements. Our Service League is a group of lay people committed to assisting members with bereavement arrangements and funerals. The pain associated with the loss of a loved one often has a paralyzing effect, leaving families disoriented and without a strategy to facilitate visiting family member needs or how to coordinate appropriate funeral services. Our staff acknowledges that the cycle of grieving is a unique experience to every family and offers patient and timely consultation to grieving members that need a shoulder, and/or sensitive ears as well as intercessory prayer. They position themselves to aide in the decision making process concerning the funeral services, meals, lodging and basic care.

  Canaan AME Church’s Stewardess Board aid the Sr. Pastor in preparing Communion Sacraments and all of the utensils needed for Holy Communion to be served to the congregants. Traditionally, this service has been set aside for those in the line of the Levites. Each stewardess is to be covered in prayer and fasting to make certain they are prepared for service. Often this Stewardess Board is viewed as the right hand of the Sr. Pastor in providing support.

   Sunday Church School

 Rhonda Meredith
  Transportation Ministry - facilitated by David Brown and Douglass McSwine is part of the outreaching goals we have as a ministry to meet people at the point of their needs. Committed to picking up members and visitors that have need for transportation during any church or ministry event, this ministry responds to a phone call outlining their address and the number of people to be picked up.

  The Usher Board - Every community church needs a face of the ministry that is committed to greeting and connecting with people that attend the ministry. Our Usher Board provides a warm friendly welcome for visiting and regular attending members. This ministry is headed by Sylvia Brooks and every member seeks out those that are new or visiting our church for the fist time to make certain they feel welcome here at Canaan AME Church.

  The Women’s Ministry- headed by Rev. Ellen Janet Warren-Rice to gather women to grow spiritually and to connect with one another. Since the beginning of time, women have been targeted by the enemy. We come together to share our stories of challenge and survival that others might be encouraged to stand, having done all... we stand. We also plan events that target the needs of our women so that each will continue to grow spiritually, socially, and intellectually. We invite those speakers that will augment the wisdom that God has afforded us locally so that each gets the very best of what God has for them.


Rev. Dr. C. Calvin Rice, Senior Pastor

Ministerial Staff

Rev. Ellen Janet Rice, Assistant Pastor

Rev. Michelle Hood, Associate Minister

Rev. Barbara Brown, Associate Minister

Rev. Joaquin Barry, Associate Minister

Br. John Rice, Minister in Training